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Corporate wellness sessions

Wellness sessions | Culture building workshops | Fun events

Mindfuel360 offers a range of custom-designed sessions on well-being, positive culture building, and fun events to unwind by professionals from respective domains. Here are some examples of the awesome sessions that we can host:

  • Health and lifestyle

  • Yoga sessions

  • Create your nutrition plan

  • Fun work from home workouts

  • Coping the work from home stress and preventing burnout

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Building relationships in remote work

  • Understanding and managing people

  • IKIGAI and personal vision setting

  • Personal finance 

  • Tax savings

  • Investments 101

  • Picking the right insurance

  • Time management and productivity techniques

  • Work-life balance

  • Games night

  • Hobby day

  • Family party

  • and much more

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